SOM 610 ROS 610 DVK 610

ROS 610


SW Compatible ● ROS1 (Melodic) & ROS2 (Foxy) support for QCS610
● RGB & Depth (TOF) Camera nodes provided
Camera Support ● RGB Camera
● Depth (TOF) Camera
IMU Sensors ● Magnetic (3-Axis)
● Gyro & Accelerometer (6-Axis)
Rich peripheral I/F ● SOM HW (Pin-out) has been designed to support various peripheral I/F
● USB3.0 & 2.0 / Camera CSI / Display Port / Gbit Ethernet / I2C / SPI / UART / GPIOs
Base board
Reference Design
● Base board reference design (Schematic & PCB Layout) and information are provided, so customers can easily proceed with development and can shorten their development cycle
Support Customizing PJT ● Board Design Service
  - Producing customized Base B/D according to customer’s inquiry
  - Integration of our SoM in the customer’s HW for cost reduction

● SW Development service
  - F/W, Device drivers, BSP, Middleware
  - For customizing HW, Building the HW working in the OS leve

● Manufacturing Service
  - OEM and ODM are acceptable   - Procurement of components
Deliverables ● Base Board Reference Design (Schematic & PCB Layout) / HW User guide