SOM 610 DVK 610



AP Module QCS610 SOM
Display Display output port (mipi to Display output port)
Pin header for DP (Expansion board for DP)
Storage Expansion MicroSD card socket
USB-C Jack USB Type C with VESA DisplayPort V1.3 support
Camera 3 MIPI Pin header for 3 MIPI CSI (Expansion board for MIPI CSI)
Audio In/Out Digital Max 48KHz Sampling rate I2S format, Stereo In-Out
Analog Class D type Stereo Speaker Output max 0.6W 8ohm
Stereo Headphone Amp Output max 25mW 32ohm / Pop Noise Free at P-On/Off
Stereo Line Output (selectable Full-differential / Single-ended)
Mono Mic Input
GPIO / QUP Pin Headers for GPIO and QUP
Buttons 3 Tact Switch buttons
Wireless Communication 1 WIFI / 2.4Ghz ISM band Communication support antenna SMA Connectors
Ethernet 1Gb Ethernet, RJ45
Debug Debug UART to RS-232 RJ-9 Connectors
Power Jack Support 5V@3A adaptor included

SOM610 JIG SUB CAMERA Board with Dual Camera

SOM610 JIG GM Board with Single Camera

SOM610 DVK CARRIER Board + SOM610 JIG SUB Display output port Board + SOM610 JIG SUB CAMERA Board with Dual Camera